Dentists:  Are you ready to connect with your ideal patients?

Dentists:  Are you ready to connect with your ideal patients?

Social media is an essential tool for a dental practice to maintain relationships with current patients and attract new ones. 

We understand... Doing your own social media marketing can be challenging (aka, stressful!):

  • Coming up with new ideas
  • ​Knowing how to word things
  • ​Selecting the best images
  • Deciding what to promote and when
  • Getting the right answers to your questions
  • ​Finding the time to do it all

... Does this sound familiar?

We're here to tell you that... 

YOU.  CAN.  DO.  IT!

"... it totally changed my productivity with marketing and social media! "

"I am not the most proactive person when it comes to marketing, especially social media. So when I heard of Connect90 I thought to give it a go, and sure enough it totally changed my productivity with marketing and social media! Rather than constantly logging in to various accounts I could manage them all from one point, edit them and access a great number of ideas and prompts for daily posts."
James T Moss, Practice Manager / Director

What is it?

Just like dentistry, social media is an art AND a science. We will give you a monthly plan with our proven strategies and you can take them as they are, or even better, easily personalize them specifically for your practice. 

How do we do it?

With dental-specific expertise, a monthly calendar filled with content, AND ideas on how to optimize everything for your individual practice. Since we are doing social media marketing with you, you've always got someone to turn to for support. 

Why do we do it?

From our dental fam to you and yours, we have a special loyalty for the dental profession. Your practice is awesome and unique. You have so many good things to offer. It’s time to shout it from the rooftops instead of whispering it and hoping people will hear. 

What do you get each month?

Social media done WITH you!

It’s time to exit that search engine, delete that fuzzy flossing photo, and show people who you REALLY are. 
Your future patients are looking for YOU!

An easy-to-use online platform 

Our monthly strategic planner includes an online calendar so you can see what is posting and when. Expand your practice visibility, grow patient relationships and referrals, and attract new patients.

Content you can customize 

You get high-quality pre-created posts for you to easily customize. Meet your practice goals and grow more of the procedures you love through a smart mix of content.

Friendly & knowledgeable support 

Ask questions and receive professional dental-specific advice and support from our team of experts. Social media marketing is our specialty and we are happy to be here for you. :) 

Private Facebook community 

You get access to our exclusive group with curated tips and valuable updates. Optimize your social media and stay informed about important developments and guidelines.

Monthly strategies 

Easily create an optimal social media strategy. Ensure you have the right mix of dental-related content, consistent practice-building posts, and social posts to grow relationships to attract ideal patients and grow the practice you envision.

"I would recommend Connect90 to any dental practice! "

"I would recommend Connect90 to any dental practice. Connect90 has made our social media posts so much easier! Their easy to use template has freed up hours of our time that we now focus on running our practice. Thank you!"

-Sara Farrelly, RDH

A personal note from Rita Zamora

“We have someone on our team who is perfect for social media marketing, but they just need some content ideas, tools, and guidance.” 

If the above statement sounds familiar, know that you are not alone. We hear this type of plea for help often. It’s exactly this need that motivated us to create a timely social media marketing solution—one that’s easy to use, yet highly personalized to help grow your practice. 

I'm happy you're here!  We’d love to meet you and see if we’re a good fit for your needs. We offer a no-obligation demo of our program—there are no long-term contracts and no setup fees, just lots of friendly smiles! 

Rita Zamora, Founder of Rita Zamora Connections  and Connect90

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